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TV & Movie

We work with Movie and TV Set designer teams in New Jersey and New York. A Lovely Party can take things off your to do list!  We are here to be that extra set of hands to help you execute the perfect set. 

Past clients have found our detailed renderings and quick turnaround very helpful when filming a production.

A Lovely Party will also agree to verbal and/or written nondisclosure agreements and can provide previous references.

We can arrive as early as your set team needs and can help you arrange the balloons to your liking. We can also recommend other local service providers!  

A Lovely Party has worked with post production teams to provide materials for off site reshoots.  

​We specialize in 

  • Themed balloon arrangements

  • Classic balloon arches and columns

  • Helium balloon bouquets

A Lovely Party is a NJ State certified Minority Woman owned business and is a member of the NJ Motion Picture and TV Commission. 

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A Lovely Party Logo Designs

Get started!

A Lovely Party can create balloon displays perfect for your movie or tv movie set.  We are a woman owned minority business based out of central New Jersey. We are here to provide the support you need! 

To get started email us at

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