We are

A Lovely Party

From your next-door neighbors to Fortune 500 companies we help everyone create Instagram-worthy parties and events that will turn heads and keep people talking. A Lovely Party specializes in balloon installations, vinyl decals and event décor. We serve clients all over New Jersey and New York City. 

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The Lovely Party Story

“Uh Ami, do you know how to make something like this?,” is a common conversation our owner would have with event planners and designers.  


Over the last several years, there’s been a tremendous shift in the corporate event space. Companies no longer want generic large parties with a few signs, but interactive brand experiences. They want to be able to have photos, moments, branding, and lasting impressions throughout the event space to build top of mind awareness and brand loyalty. 


But those finer details mean that event planners and design agencies don't always meet the minimums of larger fabricators. That’s where A Lovely Party comes in: We create memorable moments for businesses large and small. We work to make sure that you are able to build that social media worthy event that their guests talk about for years. 

Meet Ami

I always knew I’d have my own business, but I thought I’d have an ice cream shop, not an event décor company. 


I planned my first corporate event in 2008 and I was instantly hooked. 


No matter the size of the event I was planning, I was always focused on one thing, the overall guest experience. So when I started an event decor company, I wanted the decor to be a part of the guest experience. 


I talk to each client to make sure I understand their event, know what other decor they have, and offer suggestions to bring their event to the next level. I’m always looking for new trends, techniques, and classes to make sure we can deliver exceptional experiences. 

I am committed to making sure that I exceed all my clients' expectations.  I turn my client’s vision into a reality and I'm with them every step of the way to make sure they're blown away by the experience of collaborating with A Lovely Party.