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A Lovely Party

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About A Lovely Party

A Lovely Party started in 2017 as an ecommerce business that curated party decorations for bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties focusing on the details and guest experience.  As the market started showing a need for personalized party decor, Ami decided to focus more on custom balloon decorations.  One thing remains the same, A Lovely Party creates memorable moments for all their clients. We work to make sure that you are able to build that social media worthy event that their guests talk about for years. 

About Ami Lad

After 10 years, Ami left her full time corporate event and marketing job in 2017 to start A Lovely Party. In 2018, Ami started noticing a huge trend in balloons.  She purchased an electric balloon pump from Amazon, and found some spare balloons and the rest was history.   She now runs and operates a company that has serviced everyone from your next door neighbor to Fortune 500 companies. Ami works to make sure she has mastered the current trend in balloon decor and understands the classic techniques that have created this field. 


On a personal note, Ami is a proud toddler mom. She has lived her whole life in Middlesex County. She loves anything made with potatoes and can’t get enough ice cream. 

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