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Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are the classic, original balloon displays. They have been around for decades and for a great reason. Balloon arches create a statement at any entrance way, easily become a focal point in a room, and are a great photo op. 

A Lovely Party created a balloon arch inside Chelsea Piers, NYC
Balloon arch at the entry way of fundraiser walk in Morris County.


Classic balloon arch

You can choose the size, pattern, and colors.  This classic balloon arch can be used outdoors at a run/walk or indoors at a conference entrance. 

We can help you decide the size. A Lovely Party can make our arches large enough that a car can drive through, or small enough to perfectly frame a doorway! 

As shown here: A 10ft arch in a two color spiral balloon design for the Pancreatic Cancer Walk in Morris County. Check out the Cancer Ribbon we made for the event!

A Lovely Party Logo Designs


Organic Balloon Arch

Organic balloon arches provide you with the clean shape of an arch, but a more fun modern feel.  

Indoors, organic balloon arches can last for a month long celebration.

As pictured here: A 9x9 organic balloon arch for a regional bank in New Jersey.  Members of their Diversity and Inclusion committee wanted a way to celebrate Pride month in their corporate headquarters in Monmouth County, New Jersey. 

Balloon Arch for corporate pride Day celebration in Red Bank office
Frame balloon arch used as branded photo op for organization in Monmouth County.


Frame Arch

Framed arches create a really fun photo moment.  We can add lots of fun foil balloon accents. It's a great way to build a theme!

You can add a row of balloons on the bottom to finish out the frame or leave it open.

As pictured here: Framed balloon arch at the Asbury Park Bazaar Valentine's Day Event.  The balloon arch served as a photo op at the Jersey Shore's iconic Asbury Park Hotel to help social media engagement at their event. The client chose a fun pastel Valentine's day color palette that matched their event branding. A Lovely Party made a custom sign with their logo. 

A Lovely Party Logo Designs


String of Pearls 

String of Pearls is a simple and elegant balloon display. Easily have the balloons float above your projector screen or place it at the entrance of a street fair.

About this picture: Two party poles paired with a string of pearls was created for Edison Township Board of Education to promote a new program launch in the Middlesex County school district.   Here are the other balloon columns at the event!

Helium balloon arch at school event in Middlesex County.
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