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What’s a balloon garland vs balloon arch?

Balloon garlands are a mix of different size balloons and can create whatever shape you’d like.  Balloon arches are an upside down U. Balloon arches can be organic or structured. 


What’s the difference between a balloon column and a balloon tower?

I’m not sure if there is! Most of the time, we will ask you for a photo/inspo picture, and we can clarify what you are looking for. 


What’s an organic design vs a structured design?

Organic design is a mix of different sizes and created to fit a space. A structured design is when you use one or two size balloons to create a very uniform look, often times you will see a classic spiral balloon design. 


What is a custom balloon color? 

It’s when  you put one balloon color into a second balloon to create a third color.  This technique is used often when creating very matte/pastel color balloons.  This technique uses double the amount of balloons. 


Do you work with celebrities and/or influencers?

Yes, we do! We love working with celebrities and/or influencers.  But please remember that exposure doesn’t pay the bills.


Do you have marquee light up letters and numbers?

No, but we work with AlphaLitNJ. They have a great variety of lit up signs. Working with AlphaLit, are some of our favorite set ups!


Do you have rentals?

We have an extremely limited number of rentals. Our rentals include a gold hoop, a gold hoop arch, an archway system, and a sequin wall. We work with many rental companies across the state that have a great selection. 


Do you break down at the end of the event?

Only if rentals are involved or if it is agreed upon prior to the event.  Most clients take their balloons home, or ask the venue to pop them.  We do charge extra for breakdowns.


Does it help if I have inspo pictures?

Yes! It always help to see what you have been envisioning for your event. We like to suggest various ideas to keep things fun and unique. We also do not recreate an exact look. We have our own style as do other balloon artist. 


Can we hire you to make balloon animals for a party?

No, we do not know how to make balloon animals. You’d be lucky if I can make a sword. Haha. 


Do you have a minimum?

Yes, on the weekend, we have a $300 minimum for installs before delivery. 

How far do you travel?

A Lovely Party is based out of Metuchen, New Jersey. We typically travel a maximum of 1 hour from our home base. We have traveled further for larger jobs. We install balloons in Middlesex, Somerset, Union, Monmouth, Morris, Mercer, and Ocean County. We also travel to New York City. We do not travel to Long Island,NY, but have very talented friends in the area, so just ask. 


What is an add-on?

We have lots of add on options. It can be something as a faux flowers to real greens. We also love adding foil balloons to our installs. We have balloon lollipops that clients love adding around their space or beginning of the driveway. 


What do you have your balloons from?

We can hang them from pretty much anything.  If it is a wall you’d like the garland against, we typically use a paint safe 3M hook.


I purchased my own balloons, can you make a garland from them? 

No, we use premium balloon that we have experience using. 

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